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Wilbur Wright -

 We are the Wilbur Wright Birthplace Preservation Society, and as curators of his birth site, our mission is to educate the public by preserving and interpreting the life, the family, and the achievements of Wilbur Wright. 

One of a Kind Museum

We feature the Home where Wilbur was born and a full-size replica  of the 1904 Wright Flyer!

Learn something new!

 Whenever we fly, or see a plane in the air, we have to wonder where did Wilbur Wright grow up? Or how did the Wright brothers become interested in flight? We provide the best place to discover the answers to these questions and more with a visit to the Wilbur Wright Birthplace in East Central Indiana. We strive to have our visitors inspired by the humble men who changed the world by making their dream come true!  

About Us

Where the 1st Aviator was born.

What will you see at the Wilbur Wright Birthplace?

We have a unique and fascinating part of aviation history. The man that changed the world through his inventiveness was born here. We feature the home site where Wilbur Wright was born and learned to walk at 10 months, as well as a full-size replica of the 1903 Wright Flyer! We have welcomed visitors from almost every state and several foreign countries. The Birthplace is becoming more popular each year. If you would care to share your talents, there are many opportunities at the Birthplace to volunteer and to help make it a more intriguing and educational place to visit. Help us continue to preserve our history and provide an attraction that we are proud of.

The Birth Home

Wilbur’s parents bought this 5 acres and house for $700 and they only lived here for three years. Along with the Wright family house is a Smoke House, Barn and an Outhouse. 

Wright Flyer – This is a full-size replica of the 1903 Wright Flyer. This replica took 10 years to build and was meant to fly. The propellers are hand-carved. The motor is molded and cast into the replica 4-cylinder engine.

Kitty Hawk Room – This is a replica of where they stayed when they returned to Kill Devil Hills site in 1901. They pitched a tent about 1,000 feet east of the higher hill and built a rudimentary shed as a workshop. In 1903, they began their powered flight experiments. The Wrights made further improvements to the their quarters and also built a second frame shed, measuring about 44 by 16 feet, to hold the aircraft and serve as a sheltered work area.

Main Street - Print and Bike Shops: The Brothers began their careers as printers. When they were unable to make a living at that, they began repairing and building bicycles. Check out the barber shop, dress shop, general store and school. See the wood carvings display: Many of these carvings were made from wood taken from the original house and fence. We hope you enjoy them.

Visitors Center – Gift Shop Visit our Gift Shop and website. We are well-stocked with affordable items such as posters, key chains, shot glasses, T-shirts, and postcards etc.